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GIFTED Project second transnational meeting

The second Transnational Meeting of the GIFTED, Games and Inclusion for Teacher EDucation project took place on 23rd and 24th of May 2023 at Lucian Blaga University in the beautiful city of Sibiu, Romania.

Throughout the meeting, we reflected on the past year’s progress, evaluating the strides we’ve made in our endeavor. The conversation revolved around the project’s ongoing development and our shared goals for the future. We reached a significant milestone by finalizing the training manual and outlining the various associated activities. The agenda also involved strategizing for the imminent restricted pilot testing, setting the stage for the next critical phase of our project.

Tangible results and significant progress marked these intense days of work. We worked to finalise the activities to be included in our training platform.
We made progress in designing and developing the open badge, a digital certificate attesting the completion of training.
Looking ahead, plans are underway for the Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTA), which will be held in Ferrara, Italy this coming November. These activities promise to be another milestone in our journey, bringing us a step closer to our shared goals.

Finally, we have started discussions on the development of dissemination activities to be implemented in the various Countries. The aim is to make our project accessible to a broader audience. In parallel, we are organising the preparation of scientific articles that will deepen the functioning, results and impact of our project.

This collaboration continues to move forward with determination, intending to significantly contribute to the field of teacher training and gifted education.

Thanks to all the representatives of the project partners who collaborated with enthusiasm and motivation: what a great team!